ARU complemented and Installed Tanga Tide Gauge

ARU complemented and Installed Tanga Tide Gauge

Ardhi University has completed the construction and installation of a Tide Gauge within the Tanga Port area as one of the research infrastructure projects implemented by the University through the climate Change, Impact Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) Program.

The construction of the Tide Gauge facility at the Tanga Port, is one of the remarkable projects carried by the University and only few facilities as well as installation of the Geonica Suite 4K are underway before it full operational to allow accessibility of the data from the server end.

Inspecting the project earlier in August this year, the Deputy Vice ChancellorPlanning, Finance and Administration Prof. Robert Kiunsi visited the project in Tanga and was briefed by Mr. Issa Hemed that, data from the Tanga Tide Gauge will be used for maritime purposes such preparation of tide tables for Tanga, as well as for climate change and other related researches along the Tanga coastal areas.

This will make it possible because all data collected by the Tide Gauge facility in Tanga will not only stored in the Data recording Unit at the site but it is also transmitted via GSM connection to the main server located at the Ardhi University campus.

To make it even more accessible, the data will be universally available via the Internet and this will put the Port of Tanga in the world maps of locations where accurate tide information is available. It is envisaged that the main database will be located and controlled by Ardhi University, but the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) will have full access to every aspect of the datasets.

Currently, there are Tide Gauges already installed in the Ports of Dar Es Salaam, Mtwara and Zanzibar so the installation of Tanga Tide Gauge will close a gap in the datasets related to ocean tides along the whole Tanzania coastline

Generally Tide is the periodic variation of sea surface by addition or removal of water. This periodic change of water level is monitored by the Tide Gauge. Over a long period of change in sea level or sea level rise can be observed from Tide observations using Tide Gauges.


The Tanga Tide Gauge setup comprising of the Radar Sensor on top of the support column, the atmospheric sensors on top of the metal tower, the GPS sensor and the solar panel on top of the control room. The cable on the Radar sensor column is the connection to the underwater pressure sensor.

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